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Not only supply cable solution & other products, But also, we may offer the below services:

1. Logisitics Services

      We have wellknown goods deliver method, Such as  auto, train, container, water,air, Etc., special for AviationLogistics, we may offer you the economicprice with high efficiency ways.

2. Sourcing Research Services

      We have more working experience and technical background to make sourcing research for foreign customers in china,we can guarantee the cost performance of sourced  products.

3. Other Services

(1) Translation & communication services in China.

(2) R&D, Design for water blocking tape, home appliances.

(3) TQC and quality inspection for products or orders.

(4) Business trip and meeting services in China.

(5) Certificate services, suchas SGS, CE, ECE, OEKO-TEC, Etc.

(6) Offshore & Free Trade Zone Business

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