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Machine For cable tapes

We can supply machine & spare for tape industry,For more details, Please contact  us by email:sales@qdhetian.com. 

1. Lamination Line of WBT


(1)Lamination line of WBT

(2)Impregnation line of WBT

Cost and Delivery Time: 5 Months

2.Lamination Line of Mica Tape


(1)Double Layers Mica Tape: Mica Paper+ one Layer Fiber Glass Fabric

(2)3 Layers Mica Tape: Mica Paper+ 2 Layers Fiber Glass Fabric

(3)3 Layers Mica Tape: Mica Paper+ 1 Layers Fiber Glass Fabric + 1Layer PET Film

Delivery Time: 5 Months

3.Lamination Line of DMD Tape


It is special for laminating the DMD or PMP Tape.

(1)PET Film + 1-2 Layers PET Non-Woven Fabric , 2 -3 Layers


(3) PET Film + 1-2 Paper , 2-3 Layers

Delivery Time: 5 Months

4.Slitting Machine


Slitting the Mica Tape or DMD, 6250, PMP

Delivery Time

(1)1000mm Width

Delivery Time:3 Months

(2) 500mm Width

Delivery Time:3 Months

 5.Carbon Mixing Machine


Semi-conductive carbon liquid mixing

Delivery Time:3 Month

6.Glue Applicator

Model: HW-ZSD2200

 7.SAP Mixing Machine


 8.Wrapping Machine


For more information, please contact: sales@qdhetian.com.